Quick intro

I’m Peter Hoang, an ML/AI Engineer with extensive software experience and product building experience. I’ve been a professional software engineer since 2009.

My current AI stack is Python-based (Pytorch, Huggingface, …). Other techs that I’m currently productive with include: Django, Javascript, Html/Css, Postgres, and a little of React Native.


In 2023, I went back to school and currently doing a Msc in CS at Western University, Canada (2023 - 2024). I feel fortunate to witness and experience the biggest breakthroughs in AI in a long time.

For details on my previous work, please check out my CV on Linkedin.


Please connect with me on Linkedin.

I have a main blog at peterhung.org where I write, mostly about education, business and life lessons, in both Vietnamese and English. (For a list of articles written in English, please use this link.)